Selling conditions


The authenticity of all the sold pieces is ensured.

We ask for the payment to be carried out once the request has been confirmed as it should be noted that this is a dynamic webpage which is constantly undergoing sales and an error could occur when verifying the availability of the coins.


All returns will be done within the next 7 working days after having taken note of such order, provided that there is a justified cause for such request. In case you are planning on returning the package, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.


We have selected the same sizing format for all photographs in order to assure that small coins can be clearly noted and any damage can be appreciated. This would be difficult to perceive in case these were presented in their original size.


Degree of conservation of the coins:


PEOOF: sample coin, mirror background.

SC: Coin which has not circulated in the market.

EBC: Excellent Good Conservation, piece which has circulated in the market and reveals a slight wearing out.

MBC: Very good conservation, this qualification is given to those coins which are of common use but for which all domains remain visible.

BC: Good conservation; these have moved in the market considerably though practically all its domains can still be appreciated.

Please note that the conservation status of the coins is subject to different opinions. This is the reason why we have provided a great amount of photographs in order for comparisons to be easier. Also, we have established intermediate comparison degress to the conservation status, distinguishing between "+" and "-".

Within each category, we have seperated those coins which are found to be “minor coins”, refering to those with a value less than 6 euros which do not have a photograph, from those which have a greater value and have a photograph that illustrates them.




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